BR48 --- Balder - Deer Runs Like Nothing (2012)

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Balder es el nombre del proyecto musical de Joseph Jones, natural de Pensacola, Estados Unidos. Este ep está armado de 5 breves piezas, compuestas usando grabaciones de campo y collage, que dan como resultado una atmósfera saturada, industrial. Edición en CDR de 100 copias. Arte de portada por Amadeo Gonzales.

"As society slowly but surely progresses into a more green, earth-friendly one, there are several aspects still within our culture that come across as contradictory when looking from the green perspective, especially in a field such as agriculture. Farming on a massive scale, usually commercial, applies heavy machinery fueled in large part by petroleum in which the first thing that comes to mind or embodies this thought, is the tractor, a contraption that’s origins come from the U.S. and England ‘s industrial age. Although the time of it being fueled by gas might be at a near end, it seems appropriate to reflect upon its legacy, at least its legacy to our nation. Through an industrial musical approach, it is to take on the tractor in its current middle of the road state and implicate a notion of transgression in which the harsh aural quality, dins from this machinery will serve as the pieces compass an ultimately the piece itself."

Recorded from January to May 2011 in Jay, Florida, by J.W. Jones. Mastered by Bill Roberts

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